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I haven't been on in a long time and totally missed this memo, but I saw a lot of then in my stacks upon stacks of journals and honestly I LOVED reading them from all my favorite artists!!! And then I figured why not, I'd give a crack at it. 

I started as a lurker, just saving my favorite things to my computer. I actually cannot believe how much of it does not exist any more, people whose art I always went on to see if they updated... are now gone. BUT I have them on my computer. Yipee! Funny how that works. But after having SO. MANY. pics saved eventually my boyfriend convinced me to just make an account so I can fave them on the site and allow my poor computer to operate at normal speeds. I was also learning to draw but was way too scared to post anything. So my profile says deviant for 6 years...  however you look at it I have probably been on for like 9 but only "active" for maybe 4? Who knows. 

I found its existence through three different means, I'm not sure which happened first. One I was just randomly googling for reference pictures and just found the site and saved a ton of pictures. Secondly was through my great friend :iconsaycha: She showed me Diary of an unborn child. by LazyMuFFin, THIS MASTERPIECE!!! And also a bunch of comics of Kingdom Hearts, which I am pretty sure don't exist on here anymore. But those I even went a step farther, and PRINTED THEM OUT! whoa.

And the other way was through my great friend :iconoffaunen: I was just becoming friends with her in middle school, and she loved to draw. I had never really drawn before, but she and a couple other people loved doing it so much I wanted to join in. We would draw our own characters, and each others, and I was absolutely hooked ever since! But she showed me a couple of amazing things on here that I will never forget. Such as the Seven Deadly Sins series, my favorite being The Seven Deadly Sins: LUST by dahlig and a ton of things by :iconwen-m: whom was just such a great inspiration to us! We wished our characters looked half as amazing as his (uh, and still do) I think Anima: ??? no. 1 by Wen-M and Anima: Lilith by Wen-M were important to us!!

So I started out being obsessed with OC's and anything to do with them, I made a ton of reference sheets SOLELY because of -this- sheet. OH WAIT. IT IS NOW IN STORAGE. I hate that function so much. Why not just take it off of the entire website entirely?! Now I am left with a "deviation in storage" icon in my favorites to bother me EVERMORE!!!! I WILL KNOW WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE NEVERMORE :onfire:

And was also obsessed with anything Kingdom Hearts related, such as Organization XIII by mandachan which was my desktop background a good four years of my life. That and and a certain artpiece of the organization all sitting behind each other in a huge orgy train getting the one in front prepared for the day.... brushing hair, lacing up Axel's corset, etc. It was gold. 

As my art developed from merely characters to narratives, so did what I was interested in. A huge shoutout to :iconnebezial: whose entire gallery has had SUCH HUGE impacts on me, probably starting with this ravine days of old glory by nebezial P.S. I loved Ravine :aww: :meow: TOOK FOREVER TO COME OUT!!!! :iconshakefish:

And then I became enamored with love scenes, and this phase lasted me a great long time Captive Heart by Saimain hades and persephone 1 by sandara  The end of sweet dreams by Isbjorg are still on my top list of favorite deviations of all time, and artists to boot, WHY IS THERE JUST SO MUCH GOOD STUFF ON HERE?!\

And of course TONS of dragons and digital art pictures in general. I just loved browsing. And browsing my watcher's favorites. I can't decide if that "looks like" feature is the most amazing thing EVER, or the bane of my existence (because oops what just happened how has 5 hours passed!!?) 

I noticed a couple of years back the truly VAST AMOUNTS of digital art I had fave'd. It was my favorite by far, I always wanted to be a digital artist, they were just so jaw dropping and inspirational. I always asked for a tablet for Christmas, and I felt this was why my art was so bad, and I didn't have any watchers/ admirers. All of the 'good' artists used photoshop. Even the traditional ones amplified there art with it, and this was why it was so great. And it was very depressing for me. I stopped making art, and ventured a lot more into my costumes/ photography/ even a tid bit of sculpture. I bought a watercolor book by :iconpuimun: and all over again I was just so enthralled. And super excited when I found her on deviantart! Final Sleep by puimunI bought another and hope to own the third :meow:

And then miraculously I found traditional art on here. The harp no longer sings by Gold-SevenI can't even explain it. Elven Warrior by TokalaAll of a sudden there were tons of it. I don't know if the amount of artists increased, I don't know if my eyes finally opened and they discovered all of the amazing art that I had been missing. But THANKFULLY they did and now some more of my absolute favorite people on here are watercolor! And I used to HATE that medium, but now I think it is half of what I create.  I started going to school and learning about art has helped me immensely. I now have favorites that I NEVER would have probably clicked on to see it in full, just because I am drawn by color or composition or some jazz. I can appreciate so much more and am TRULY happy. skies on fire by agnes-cecileSnow White in the Woods by AbigailLarson And recently I have become obsessed with linearts. The end!

So that is my condensed story of deviantART. Looking at it.... it seems so short, there is just SO MUCH I feel like I left out... so much art :icondragonweep: I sincerely love so much of the art on here, I cannot wait to buy prints to put up in my house! Big beautiful ones! It is the art that made me keep coming back, even after long periods of time and having over 3,000 deviantwatch notifications..... I still love looking through all of them! And I try really hard to comment. I pride myself in doing so, it is just so special when you receive one! I like to give that feeling to others. WHY did I like it enough to favorite it? Or even not favorite, why did I click on it admist all 30 other deviations on the page? And I am always tickled when the artist responds. OH BOY, the almighty Nebezial responded. EEK!!! They actually -saw- mine in the ocean of thousands of others (in some cases). I definitely wish I had more watchers, hell I would love to just have friends to correspond with. It is probably because I am not on enough *shrug* but that's that. I am still here, and will be wherever the website leads! 


Ellofayne; Edi ap Cli
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a brunette :heart:
Adoptables account: :iconnutmeg-adoptables:


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Hello Ellofayne, I answered to something but I have no idea of what. I mean, I read your comment and I immediately thought of Nebula and the Cicles of Life series I drew it for. Then I see your other comments on Nebula piece and tutorial... I can't manage to find the original post, then I apologize if my answer has no sense in that context. I will be away for some time, so I won't write back for a while.
Thank you for the watch!
Ellofayne Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hahaha it did make sense! You were right, I was asking if you made any more of the series, you now have a very excited fan awaiting for the next! :icondragonwant:
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Thanks for the :+fav: Miss Ellofayne ~ !
Ellofayne Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
you're very welcome!!! I don't remember what it was, it has been a while but I just checked out your gallery and I love EVERYTHING! I can't believe I didn't give you a watch before!
EccentricTeatime Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
^///^ Well thank you again!
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youre welcome!!! ferrets are close to my heart :aww: :heart:
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